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  Erie's Best Cookies!

The Magic Cookie Company Bake Shoppe 

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Magical Cookies

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Magic Cookies!  Erie's Best Cookies!



Lip Smacking and tummy tantalizing cookies?

Well you've come to the right place! 

The Magic Cookie Company.  We are famous for ours. 

Truly the BEST Cookies you've ever eaten for sure. Erie's Best Cookies-Magic Cookies!

Unlike a store-bought, machine-driven cookie, "Magic Cookies" are hand mixed, cut, scooped and packaged every day.  Our recipes are decades older then the bakery itself, and have been bassed down from generation to generation. 

Crispy n the outside and the soft, chewy inside gives

you the best of both worlds in one gourmet indulgence!

No other cookies can compare.  In fact, "Magic Cookies" are so good,

you don't even need milk!  Everyone loves our cookies!

Once you've tasted our "Magic Cookies" we are confident that you will agree they are well worth the extra special care and time we put into them.

You can definitely taste the homemade cookie goodness with every bite!

Share "Magic Cookies" with someone you love today. Dessert will never be the same!

The Big Five (Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raising Butterscotch,

 White Chocolate Walnut and Snickerdoodle) are most

ready available at the 702 Raspbery Store.

All other varieties are available at our 9th Street locations.

All Cookies are available for special order per request.


Are you looking for delivery or pickup in Erie, PA?

Call us for the best prices!

Order our Magic Cookies for all

your holiday parties, and social gatherings!

Homestyle Regular size cookies-$6.00 dozen

Homestyle Party Size cookies-$3.50 dozen





We are a small family bake shoppe, we are willing to do

Big things for you.  All we ask is for your corrporation.

Cookie Gifts

*Cookie Trays*
(assorted Homestyle cookies plus holiday cutouts)
4 doz-$24 (3 doz homestyle; 1 doz cutouts)
7 doz-$45 (5 doz homestyle; 2 doz cutouts)

*Cookie Mugs*
6 Homestyle Cookies or Frosted cutouts in a Mug
with a mini balloon

*Gift Hats*

3 doz Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon-$33

4 doz Homestyle cookies with 1 balloon-$41

Decorative Cookie Cutout Hats-Can be made in most any shape or style of event, holiday, occasion. 

Starting at $28 for 6 Decorative cutout cookies

*Cookie Pizzas/Message Cookies*




Can choose any flavor cookie

Frosted Cutouts-Our Frosted cutouts are toped with Chocolate, that's right Chocolate!  We can do any shape for any holiday, reason or season. 

Large Cutouts are $1.00/$12.00 Doz

Medium Cutouts are 75 cents/$9.00 Doz

Small cutous are 50 cents/$6.00 Doz

Announcing New Cookie Flavors!

*New Favs: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip; Brownie Chunk; Oatmeal Chocolate Chip; Oatmeal Peanut Butter; Frosted Oatmeal; Lemon Coconut (seasonal); CCMM (Chocolate Chip MM); Blonde T3 (Blonde Triple Chocolate; Double Chocolate Walnut

*Ice Cream Shoppe Favs (seasonal): Banana Split; Orange Creamsicle; Strawberry Milkshake; Blue Raspberry Sherbet; Root Beer; Rocky Road (Only Available special order, or through the months of June-September)

*Bacon Favs: The Elvis (Peanut Butter, Bacon, Banana and Chocolate); Peanut Butter Bacon Carmel Pretzel

Stop down today to try the New Flavors.....and more are still coming

January's Cookie of the Month is Hot Chocolate at hot chocolate cookie filled with marshmallows and covered in white chocolate 

Our Magical Cookies

The Chocolate Chip-The ordinary will never by the same again with this classic cookie. We have brought back the 'Magic' to America and Erie's favorite cookie flavor with rich semi-sweet chocolate in soft, buttery dough.

Cookies from Chocolate Chip

*Stuffed Cookies

*Kit Kat

*Almond Joy

*The Man Bite

♦The Old Fashion Sugar-
Sugar Cookies are a sweet and tender cookie with wonderfully crisp edges. They are an American favorite and although they were once made primarily during the Christmas season, they are now a year round favorite. They are delicious whether dressed simply with a sprinkling of colored sugar or frosted with our colored chocolate
♦The Snickerdoodle- The sweet stepsister to the sugar cookie, our Snickerdoodle is a sweet, spicy flavor cinnamon sugar cookie with a crackled surface, rolled in cinnamon sugar for more added goodness. Once you’ve had one, you are hooked for good!

Cookie's Made from Snickerdoodles
*Cinnamon Bun

♦The White Chocolate Walnut- Cousin to the Chocolate chip, the white chocolate gives a rich taste to these cookies and are joined with tender walnuts for more added yummy goodness.


**Will do white cholcate with macadamia nut but must pre order, must order at least 2 dozen and the price will be $7.00 a dozen

♦The Triple Chocolate- The Ultimate Chocolaholic’s Dream! Chocolate buttery dough, with white and chocolate chips all mixed together to form a divine Magical cookie! These cookies are to die for, and you will defiantly believe you are in chocolate heaven!

Cookies from Triple Chocolate

*Rocky Road

"The Cookie Man!"-The First cookie that I developed on my own to celebrate what would have been my dad's 70th birthday in January of 2011.  The Cookie Man is made with everything that my dad loved about baking, Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter Chips, Oatmeal and Walnuts!

♦Chocolate Raspberry Truffle-Was Feburary 2010 Cookie of the month and we kept it on as a regular since everyone LOVED it! A Raspberry red velvelt like cookie with chocolate chips hidden inside the redness of the raspberry goodness. It will be one of your favs in no time!

♦The Peanut Butter- Packed with yummy peanut butter goodness, these Peanut Butter cookies are great with a large glass of ice-cold milk!

Cookies from Peanut Butter

*Peanut Butter Chunk

*Peanut Butter & Jelly

* Peanut Butter Kisses

*Peanut Butter Reese's

*The Elvis

 The Oatmeal Raisin Butterscotch-Chewy fresh raisins coupled with sweet butterscotch chips in a soft homemade style cookie conjures up childhood memories of baking with your grandma. One of the first 'Magic Cookies' it is also one of the most popular.


**Will do Oatmeal without the butterscotch, but must pre order and at least order one dozen**

♦The Lemondoodle-The way distant cousin to the Snickerdoodle, these lemony buttery sugar cookies have just a hint of lemon that will leave you with a happy, summery feeling in your belly.   

♦Cookie Dough-"A Naked Cookie" Just plan cookie dough, no chocolate chips, or snickerdoodle coating, just the Cookie Dough! Yummo! 


M&M-Our Cookie dough either chocolate or regular filled with Yummy M&Ms

♦Cereal and Milk-Our Cookie Dough Cookie topped with rich white chocolate topped with fruity O's. Who need a bowl!













♦Cinnamon Oatmeal-Our Yummy Oatmeal baked with Cinnamon Chips. It is a little spicy...but allllll sooooo yummy!

♦Firecracker-Our cookie dought cookie topped with rich chocolate in the color of blue then topped with candy starts, and poprocks for that firecracker feel in your mouth! Available from Memorial Day-September 16th

♦S'more-Our Chocolate Cookie rolled in graham cracker crumbs topped with chocolate then topped with marshmellows then topped with graham crackers and more chocolate

♦Blueberry Oatmeal- (Seasonal)-Our Yummy Oatmeal cookie baked with fresh blueberries. It's almost like you're eating something good for you...in a cookie!

Printable Version of Cookie Menu coming soon!

Cookies are made from the finest ingredients without preservatives. Each is cookie is individually wrapped for freshness. They are best consumed within 7 days. Cookies may also be frozen to prolong freshness. Thaw at room temperature.

Allergy Warning: Baked in a facility that processes products that contain peanuts, wheat, eggs and tree nuts.

No Refunds/Returns Are Accepted on Perishable Items